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StackRoute Learning is a suite of continuing education programs that target high-demand jobs in technology. Our mission is to enable students with high-quality, practitioner-led, immersive learning that prepares them to be job-ready on day one. Partner with us as we build a future-ready workforce for high-demand technology careers.

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For us, building the right mix of people with the right skills is critical. In particular, we look for Pi-Shaped people who can work on multiple platforms, interface with design colleagues and drive digital innovation. StackRoute has been a key partnership for us as our business grows and the digital transformation needs of our customers evolve.

Global Tier 1 IT Company

Traditionally, we used to provide class room based training for our fresh college joiners. However it was difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the training on both phases (i.e. during execution & upon completion) and fill the gap as required. With the help of Stack Route Deep Skill Training Program, we are not only able to gauge the effectiveness of the training but also able to measure the progress on skill level for each individuals which further helps lead us towards early corrections into the focus area for each individual along with training areas.

Practice Head
Global Media Conglomerate

Through StackRoute’s immersive learning programme, our graduates have been able to easily integrate into the companies product development initiatives. The coaches were very skilled, creating an environment to learn, challenge boundaries, and excel.

Vice President
Information Technology Consulting Company

StackRoute is a key partner for us in building a first-of-its-kind training program to meet the digital transformation needs of our customers. Through this program, we are creating a cadre of world-class full-stack programmers able to join multi-disciplinary teams.

Global Head, Delivery
Global Tier 1 IT Company

The StackRoute Learning Advantage

At StackRoute, we don’t just focus on program completion. Our goals is program mastery so that learners are proficient and can be job-ready on Day One. Moreover, our curriculum is mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand in the industry so that students don’t just learn skills – they master them to become career-ready professionals.

Mapped to job roles, not just skills

Our programs are mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand.

Focus on mastery, not just completion

StackRoute programs focus on mastery and students are required to create a viable working product.

Holistic skills to prepare for the workforce

Holistic skills needed by a modern technology professional are an integral part of our curriculum.

Curriculum designed with a growth mindset

We believe in a growth mindset and 80% of our learning occurs in a practice-based environment.



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Programs for High-Demand Skillsets

Our practitioner-led programs offer four specialized tracks that map directly to today’s (and tomorrow’s) most in-demand IT careers. Role-based program mapping ensures that students are fully prepared to step successfully into trending job roles. Choose from Software Engineering, Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing.

Software Engineering

From foundational to full-stack, our practitioner-led software engineering programs create practice-ready, high-value software engineers who are ready to work.

Data Science

Data science jobs are rapidly replacing analyst roles in today’s workforce. Our comprehensive, deep-dive programs cover the entire spectrum of data science roles, from Engineer to Analyst and Scientist roles.

Cyber Security

Cyber security professionals are some of the most in-demand talent jobs in the modern workforce. Our end-to-end programs are designed to build skills in students of all levels, from beginner to expert.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing experts are some of the most in-demand professionals in IT today. From IT Support and DevOps to Architect roles, we deliver state-of-the-art, role-based programs that give students a competitive edge.

StackRoute for Universities and Colleges

Our practitioner-led programs are designed to help colleges and universities build a future-ready workforce for high-demand technology careers. StackRoute can help you deliver continuing education programs in highly in demand areas like software engineering, data science, cyber security, and cloud computing. based program mapping ensures that students are fully prepared to step successfully into trending job roles. With a focus on practice-readiness through an immersive and experiential learning environment, these programs ensure that students are fully prepared to step successfully into trending job roles.

StackRoute for Universities

Our Approach Gets Results

At the core of StackRoute programs is the award-winning NIIT critical mistake analysis methodology. Developed after years of research at Northwestern University’s Institute of Learning Sciences, our process doesn’t admonish mistakes; in fact, we actively encourage students to make mistakes and learn from them. Our outcome-driven, practitioner-led programs focus on practice-readiness through an immersive and experiential learning environment. Offering a combination of soft skills, design thinking, and a growth mindset, we bridge the gap between novice and professional.

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    Real Development Experience

    Our students work on real development projects so that they can be deployed on projects as soon as they enter the workforce without the need for additional training.

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    StackRoute programs are designed and led by industry practitioners so students can stay ahead of the technology learning curve even as technology continues to evolve.

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    Outcome Driven

    Unlike traditional training programs with bell-curve results on outcome achievement, we focus on delivering a student achievement rate of over 90%.

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    Immersive and Experiential

    All StackRoute programs work with an immersive, experiential and apprenticeship-based model which focuses on practical application instead of theory-based learning.

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