We equip apsiring adult learners with the IT skills and knowledge they need to apply for, get hired for, and excel in life-changing new iobs


To help individuals, businesses, organizations, and educational institutions answer the challenges of digital disruption so everyone can benefit from the


StackRoute Learning is a U.S.-led initiative of NIIT a pioneering provider of information and computer technology training based in India.


StackRoute Learning serves:

Colleges and universities. Partnering with educational institutions across the country, we offer university-branded bootcamp programs to students who want to upskill or reskill for better employment

Businesses and other organizations that seek to develop internal teams of elite programmers to build, test, and release not just applications, but solutions to enterprise challenges and problems

Individuals who aspire to increase their job security, job satisfcation, and earning potential with a career in IT -- whether they already work in IT or they are looking for a fresh start in a high-growth field


StackRoute Learning was born in 2015, but its origins extend back to the early 1980s when a company called NIIT revolutionized IT skills education in India.

With an innovative teaching model and a laser focus on learning outcomes, NIIT transformed the country, turning India into a hub for global sourcing of IT services and changing the course of technology education forever.

Today, nearly 40 years later, StackRoute Learning is bringing its parent company’s unique vision with a proven pedagogy. for IT training to the United States, reimagining the process of talent acquisition via online technology bootcamps that prepare job-ready graduates to hit the ground running on day one.


From our inception, our approach to teaching has been based on a transformational education innovation called mastery learning. In a nutshell, mastery learning enables students to move forward at their own pace as they master new knowledge, skills, and concepts.

In this model, the learning stops when, and only when, students have mastered what needs to be learned. (Not just because the course has ended.)

We love the concept of mastery learning because it puts the learner at the center of learning. Not an instructor. Not an institution. The learner is at the heart of the process, and everything around the learner is put there to help facilitate learning.

To deliver on the promise of this forward-looking concept, we work hard to deliver the right blend of technology-enabled, self-paced curriculum that is both rigorous and convenient, and built from the ground up to ensure that all of our students acquire the skills and confidence they need to be successful in a real job.


Simply put, we aim to change lives — to help our students rewrite their stories and reinvent themselves as skilled IT professionals who are in high demand.

Yes, we measure our success with concrete metrics — high retention rates, high graduation rates, high salaries and post-graduation employment.

But ultimately, our promise to students is this:

By the time you complete your StackRoute Learning program, you will be able to perform the job for which you have spent your time training with us.

For us, real success is not that you rate us five stars. Rather, it’s that you write to us and say, “I’m doing great in my new job. My supervisors appreciate what | am doing. | have the skills and confidence to be a productive and valuable employee, and the training | received from StackRoute has prepared me to succeed from Day One.”

Ok, Enough About Us. Let's Talk About You And Your Students, And What It Would Mean To Bring StackRoute Learning Bootcamps To Your Institution.