StackRoute Learning’s Data Analytics Bootcamp
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Meet the Demand for Data Analytics Professionals

No matter the industry, companies are collecting enormous amounts of data. They use data to better understand what their customers want and to make informed decisions. Big data has revolutionized business. And with the growth of the Internet of Things, big data is getting even bigger.

But data without skilled interpretation and analysis isn’t much use to anyone. This is why job opportunities for data analyst are growing 37% year over year. By signing up for a Data Analytics Bootcamp, learners can become part of the next generation of professionals finding key stories in the data that transform organizations.


Amount of new data created by 2025

Source: IDC


Projected job growth for computer and information research scientists between 2030 and 2030

Source: BLS


Median annual computer and information research scientist salary in 2020

Source: BLS

Data Analytics Bootcamp | A Brief Snapshot of Our Program


Time to Complete:

Finish the program in as little as 24 weeks or 6 months



High school diploma or GED


Program Type:

Data Analytics Bootcamp


Program Level:

Foundational + Intermediate

From Novice to Job Ready in a Matter of Months

StackRoute’s bootcamp is designed to develop students with no background in big data or analytics into professionals who can manipulate and interpret large datasets. In as little as six months, students learn the most in-demand skills and competencies that companies look for in data analysts. During the StackRoute bootcamp, students will:

  • Data analysis using Excel

  • Data visualization using Excel

  • Python programming

  • Analytics using SQL (RDBMS )

  • Exploratory data analysis using Tableau

  • Dashboards in Tableau and storytelling

  • Python for Data science

Potential Job Opportunities


Data science professional


Python Programmer


Analyst / Data Analyst


Junior data scientist

Who Can Attend?

No prior programming or analytics experience is required to enroll in this bootcamp. Motivated individuals with a curiosity about data and the story it tells tend to do well with the demanding hands-on exercises and assignments. Our practice-based environment provides students with a truly immersive experience that mimics real-world scenarios. It’s the perfect learning opportunity for anyone looking to pivot their career to big data. Basic Requirements to enroll in a StackRoute Bootcamp:

  • Appropriately configured PC with headset and camera

  • Reliable high-speed internet connection

  • High school diploma or GED

  • Fluency in English (verbal and written)

  • Availability to attend the full duration of the program

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