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Our practitioner-led programs are designed to help colleges and universities build a future-ready workforce for high-demand technology careers. StackRoute Learning can help you deliver continuing education programs in high-demand areas like software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, your students will be able to keep pace with the latest developments in technology with a curriculum that is mapped to actual job roles in the market.

When you partner with StackRoute Learning to deliver in-depth, hands-on technology readiness training to your students as part of your university-branded offering, you increase your ability to add tremendous educational value and deliver the outcomes students need. With a focus on job readiness through an immersive and experiential learning environment, these programs ensure that students are fully prepared to step successfully into trending job roles from day one.

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  • What Our Partners Say

  • “A highly professional team of dedicated people. They are interested in providing top-quality work, listening to customer needs, and delivering accurate output on time.”

    Faculty member, Ohio University

  • This is the largest program launch of this nature in our history. There is significant demand for this type of education, and we are proud to work with our partners to provide a program that prepares learners to be practice-ready.

    Dean of Education & Training Solutions, Canada

Current Program Offering

Software Engineering

From foundational to full-stack, our practitioner-led software engineering programs create practice-ready, high-value software engineers who are ready to work.

Data Science

Data science jobs are rapidly replacing analyst roles in today’s workforce. Our comprehensive, deep-dive programs cover the entire spectrum of data science roles, from Engineer to Analyst and Scientist.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity professionals are some of the most in-demand talent jobs in the modern workforce. Our end-to-end programs are designed to build skills in students of all levels, from beginner to expert.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing experts are some of the most in-demand professionals in IT today. From IT Support and DevOps to Architect roles, we deliver state-of-the-art, role-based programs that give students a competitive edge.

The StackRoute Learning Advantage

At StackRoute, we don’t just focus on program completion. Our goals is program mastery so that learners are proficient and can be job-ready on Day One. Moreover, our curriculum is mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand in the industry so that students don’t just learn skills – they master them to become career-ready professionals.

Mapped to Job Roles,
Not just Skills

We map our programs to actual job roles which are in high demand. Whether it is data scientists or DevOps Engineers, our curriculum prepares students to be job ready on day one. Coaching and mentoring is a fundamental building block of our programs.

Focus on Mastery,
Not just Completion

StackRoute programs focus on mastery. Students are required to validate their master and need to create a viable working product as proof of proficiency before they graduate. Students are also evaluated through Hobbes – our automated code review and assessment system.

Holistic skills to prepare
for the workforce

Technical skills are not enough to succeed in the modern workforce. Technology professionals need holistic skills like writing, problem-solving, creative and research skills, as well as teamwork and collaboration. At StackRoute Learning, these holistic skills are an integral part of the curriculum.

Designed with a
Growth Mindset

All StackRoute Learning, we believe in a Growth Mindset – that’s why 80% of our learning occurs in a practice-based environment where learners can practice and develop new skills through non-trivial program challenges, peer reviews, and incisive feedback.



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